Homeownership Within Reach is a coalition of advocates who believe in the power of homeownership to create opportunity for Americans and restore equitable strength to the American economy. We welcome the partnership of stakeholders, policy makers, and community members who share our commitment to restoring access to homeownership through practical, actionable policies. Together, we advance state-level legislative initiatives that expand the supply of for-sale affordable housing and homeownership opportunity through the creation and allocation of affordable homeownership tax credits.

There are no required qualifications or obligations to participate in the Homeownership Within Reach coalition. Through broad support and an inclusive strategy, we elevate awareness and build relationships across states and sectors.


The Homeownership Within Reach coalition was conceived by Smith NMTC Associates, LLC as a way to organize collective advocacy for affordable homeownership tax credits and policies. Smith NMTC introduced a unique model of leveraging federal New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs) to promote private investment in the development and rehab of for-sale affordable housing. With more than 3,800 homes brought to market through this model, Smith NMTC and partners committed to expanding the evidence-based impact by advocating for the introduction and passage of state-level tax credits that create additional development incentive. By stimulating investment, the supply of for-sale housing increases and, by nature of the tax credit qualifications, is preserved for buyers who meet low- and moderate-income qualifications.

The goal of Homeownership Within Reach is to advance state legislative initiatives that strengthen the opportunity for low- and moderate-income Americans to become homeowners, build net worth, and improve the quality and economy of their communities.