Disparate Impact: COVID-19

It’s a common refrain that the past months have brought extraordinary change to our lives and communities. With drastic adjustments to daily routines and uncertainty about the future, one thing has never been more clear. The welfare of our population is uneven, and the consequences are dire.

Through this public health crisis, we have seen a magnified effect of what we already knew – that the socioeconomic divide in our country has deep effects on individual and shared outcomes and that uneven access to opportunity can condemn the chance for a healthy future for individuals and our country as a whole.

Pandemic data and job loss metrics have illustrated the disparate impact to low-income populations and people of color. We don’t have a silver bullet to change these tragic correlations or change the effect of furloughed earnings or halted education.

But we do have long-term solutions to restore equity to our communities and to create opportunity for families to generate economic stability. That economic stability brings with it improved health and education outcomes and the ‘virtuous cycle’ of improvement and investment in our communities. Making homeownership affordable is a step we can take to help restore economic equity. It’s a step that rebuilds better lives right now and long into the future.

As we begin to emerge from quarantine and resume outreach to partners like you, we are committed to a ‘new normal’ that advances a more inclusive economy, broader access to opportunity, and sustainable policies that generate permanent benefits for residents in our communities nationwide.

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