Launching the HWR Coalition

The Homeownership Within Reach coalition launched with members from across the United States, all representing tremendous impact in homeownership. Each of these member organizations has a legacy of uplifting lives and communities through their work.

Together, our voices will promote greater opportunity to achieve the American Dream and a sustainable renewal of access to homeownership and economic advancement for families throughout the nation.

America’s housing crisis is apparent in every state and nearly every community in our nation. The widening gap between housing prices and earning power has stifled the dream of homeownership, with profound effect on individual wealth-building and our shared long-term economy.

Homeownership Within Reach is advocating for practical, actionable solutions to address these negative trends and begin to restore access to the American Dream. With a demonstrated model that has created thousands of for-sale entry-level homes nationwide, we aim to strengthen the evidence-based impact of an affordable homeownership tax credit model through state legislation.

We welcome the participation and advocacy of any industry partner, community member, or policy maker who shares the passion to restore homeownership and uplift our neighbors and communities through fundamental economic opportunity.

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